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1 APCCMI1262 Singapore 1Benoit Malleret, 2Abbas El Sahili, 3Matthew Zirui Tay, 4Guillaume Carissimo, 5Alice Soh Meoy Ong, 6Wisna Novera, 7Jianqing Lin, 8Jakub Gruszczyk, 9Wai-Hong Tham, 10Georges Snounou, 11Lisa F.P. Ng, 12Jerry Kok Yen Chan, 13Ann-Marie Chacko, 14Julien Lescar, 15Rajesh Chandramohanadas, 16François Nosten, 17Bruce Russell, 18Laurent Rénia Parasitic Infection & Disease CD98hc (SLC3A2) is a new receptor for reticulocyte invasion by Plasmodium vivax
2 APCCMI1248 Singapore 1Xuan Ying Poh, 2Chen Bai, 3Jia Mei Hong, 4Qing Hao Miow, 5Pei Min Thong, 6Yu Wang, 7Siew Ching Tiong, 8Ke Juin Wong, 9Siew Moy Fong, 10Masako Kamihigashi, 11Ravisankar Rajarethinam, 12Tchoyoson C.C. Lim, 13Tsin Wen Yeo, 14Catherine W.M. Ong Bacterial Infection & Disease Matrix metalloproteinase and neutrophil extracellular trap upregulation in human and murine central nervous system tuberculosis: Targets for host-directed therapy to improve immunopathology
3 APCCMI1229 Singapore 1Ling Claytor, 2Geraldine S. Parrera, 3Hugo Astacio, 4Priyadarshini R. Tunga, 5Deborah M. Anderson, 6Christine L. Hall, 7Jason S. Richardson Bacterial Infection & Disease Botulism Antitoxin Heptavalent (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) – (Equine) (BAT®) Use in Clinical Study Subjects and Patients: A 15-Year Systematic Safety Review
4 APCCMI1169 China 1Henan Li, 2Zhiren Wang, 3Jiangang Zhang, 4Hui Wang Antimicrobial Resistance Co-occurrence of blaOXA-23 on plasmid and chromosome in carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii does not enhance carbapenem resistance but increased the fitness
5 APCCMI1321 India 1Ruchi Supekar, 2Subhajit Biswas Viral Infection & Disease Hepatitis B virus detected in lower denomination paper currencies in a densely populated Indian city
6 APCCMI1320 Singapore 1Yi Han TAN, 2Wilson HW CHU, 3Yahua CHEN, 4Yunn-Hwen GAN Bacterial Infection & Disease The role of the genotoxin colibactin in the intestinal colonisation and pathogenesis of hypervirulent K. pneumoniae
7 APCCMI1323 Singapore 1Melvin Yong, 2Wenbin Zhong, 3Mary B. Chan-Park, 4Yunn-Hwen Gan Antimicrobial Resistance Polyimidazolium antimicrobials exhibit broad-spectrum bactericidal activity and membrane potential dependent entry with DNA binding properties
8 APCCMI1329 Singapore 1Wilson HW Chu, 2Tan Yi Han, 3Goh Kwok Jian, 4Chen Yahua, 5Gan Yunn Hwen Bacterial Infection & Disease A Novel Factor Encoded On The Large Virulence Plasmid Regulates Chromosomal Genes Like The Type 3 Fimbriae In Hypervirulent Klebsiella Pneumoniae To Impact Bacterial Virulence
9 APCCMI1249 Japan 1Jean Claude Balingit, 2Ryosuke Suzuki, 3Mami Matsuda, 4Co Thach Nguyen, 5Thi Thu Thuy Nguyen, 6Taichiro Takemura, 7Futoshi Hasebe, 8Le Thi Quynh Mai, 9Kouichi Morita, 10Meng Ling Moi Immunology & Vaccinology DENV-1 Genotype Variance Drives Discrepancies in Homotypic Neutralizing Activities of Antibodies During Natural Infection
10 APCCMI1240 United States 1Jorge Cervantes, 2Shubhang Bhalla, 3Phong Nguyen, 4Kamran Falahati, 5Sanjana Mada, 6Jose Barragan COVID-19 BCG regulates the response of human macrophages to SARS-CoV-2 Spike glycoproteins