Copan is dedicated to developing and providing high quality and cutting-edge biological sample collection products for infectious diseases, human genomics, environmental and forensic applications, along with automated workflow solutions.

Decades of experience and leadership in the pre-analytics field resulted in the development of numerous solutions tailored to fit any need: our patented products FLOQSwabs®, eSwab® and LBM® already revolutionized the collection and transport processes and our modular lab automation systems, WASP® and WASPLab®, eased healthcare professionals workflow.

Today Copan is still eager to continue this innovation, providing quality products, customized services and prime solutions to improve the health and wellness of patients. Visit our booth to learn more about us!


World Leaders in Reliable Medical Devices.

MWE believes high quality stable specimens are the first vital component for any analytical test, be it testing for novel pandemic viruses, foodborne disease–causing micro–organisms, or forensic traces of human DNA and other substances present at crime scenes.

For 70 years MWE’s clinical products have been at the forefront of laboratory science, developed for accurate diagnosis of infectious disease. With a broad spectrum of quality engineered preanalyticals that are operable across conventional methodologies (manual & automated processing) and compatible with multiple PCR diagnostic systems, MWE’s products remain the leading brand in aiding the diagnosis of infectious disease.